Fans Remember Science Fiction Author Andre Norton

Andre Norton

Andre Norton

March 17, 2015 was the tenth anniversary of the death of Andre Norton.  Norton, born Alice Mary Norton in 1912, was only able to break into genre fiction in the 1930s and 1940s by writing under masculine pseudonyms like Andrew North and Andre Norton.  The Andre name stuck and she was forever known by that name afterward.  One of the most prestigious science fiction writing awards is named for her.

A collection of tributes was assembled by fan Jay Watts at along with a previously unpublished story, “Fanus”.  News was also announced about the reprint of two of Norton’s books.

Although remembered for the more than 100 books she published while alive, Andre Norton was also made famous by a legal struggle for control of her estate.  She had no close relatives to whom she could bequeath her intellectual property rights and so she promised them to two different people.  A lawsuit led a Tennessee judge to side with the heir he deemed best fit to take care of Andre’s legacy.

Barnes and Noble also published a tribute to Ms. Norton in honor of March 17.


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