World news.

Corona Coming Attractions
Movie news and active entertainment forums.
Overview of various cult classic films.

Dark Horizons
Movie trailers, TV guide, reviews, and spoilers.

Drudge Report
Conservative leaning news links and headlines.

Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment news magazine.

Film Score Monthly
Information about movie scores and soundtracks.

Film Threat
Focuses on independent cinema.
Movie reviews.

Hollywood Reporter
Very professional entertainment news site, updated constantly.
Movie and celebrity headlines.

The Internet Movie Database.

The Internet Movie Script Database.

Movie Sounds
Just what it says–movie sounds.

Comic book and superhero headlines.
Quirky guide to weird cinema.
How to make money trading options.
A daily dose of Star Wars news and info.

Trailer Addict
Movie trailers, clips, and posters.

Trek Today
Star Trek reviews and news.

USA Today
World news, including entertainment.

Film, TV, and entertainment news site, with an insider focus of sorts.


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