Legend of the Seeker Fans Pressing Sam Raimi for a Movie

The story of why Legend of the Seeker was cancelled is too long to share here, but the short version is that it wasn’t due to bad ratings. The fans of the TV show have spent the last 4-1/2 years proving their loyalty to film industry insiders, hoping a network or studio will pick up the project. In February star Craig Horner told his fans to ask Sam Raimi to make a movie. And that is just what they are doing. They have a letter writing contest that runs through November 9 where fans can win prizes for writing letters to Sam Raimi. Raimi is one of the most successful fantasy film-makers of all time. He should be able to do this.

This past week the Seeker fans orchestrated a widescale All Seekers’ Eve campaign that culminated on Halloween with a lot of Tweets. I hear that stars Craig Horner, Bridget Regan, and Tabrett Bethell logged on to see the Tweets in action. Here is a fan trailer for the long hoped-for third season that never happened. Good luck, Seeker fans!


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